Invited Speakers


Ángel Velázquez Iturbide

António Bartolomé

Ana Amélia Carvalho

Ángel Velázquez Iturbide - November 21st

Has a degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1985 and haas a PhD in Computer Science from the same university in 1990. He has been a professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid until 1997 and at the present is a professor at Rey Juan Carlos University. He is the Director of the research group "Laboratory of Information Technologies for Education" (LITE,
His areas of interest include various aspects of teaching programming and algorithms, especially his instructional design, identification of misconceptions and the development of educational tools. He has directed the development of the visualization system of SRec recursion and of systems for algorithmic experimentation GreedEx and OptimEx.
Professor Velázquez is a senior fellow of the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Education Society and ACM. Currently, he is Vice-President of the Association for the Development of Educational Informatics (ADIE) and member of the Spanish Scientific Science Society (SCIE), where he has coordinated the working group that has prepared a report with recommendations for pre-university informatics in Spain (


Antonio R. Bartolomé - November 22nd

Title of the presentation "Blockchain in Education and Adaptive Learning"

Ph. D.  by the University of Barcelona, specialist in Educational Technology, he has worked from 1988 in Multimedia design and development, firstly with Laserdisc based systems, later CD-ROM and Web, and lately with Video digital solutions. His current work in Educational field is centred in adaptive learning managed with blockchains.He is author of more than 30 books and 160 articles. He has participated with papers or as invited speaker at around 250 events from 1983.He has also coordinated European projects from 1990, as well as other national and local research works.At this moment AB is Director of Institute of Research in Education and senior professor at the Universitat de Barcelona.


Ana Amélia Carvalho - November 23rd

Full Professor at Psychology Faculty and Educational Sciences of Coimbra University. She is the Coordinator of Technological Educational Laboratory(LabTE) in FPCE of Coimbra University. Has been the Coordinator of several investigation projects financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Tecnology concerning the use of digital technologies in teaching context, development of serious games and other pedagogical approaches, specially in active methologies. She has several articles in important publications as weel as in national and international books, participating with communications in national and international conferences.